Blue Cards

Updating Blue Cards

Each September Blue Cards are sent home to be completed. However, if your address has changed from the previous year or if you move during the school year it is important to notify the main office as well. The main office needs to be aware of this and must update the information in the system. Please ask for an Intent to Move form and a Residency Questionaire to complete. Attach (2) current forms of documentation. Below is a list of acceptable documents. Remember, your child has the right to remain at PS 30 if you move out of zone.


 Please see the below attachment for acceptable documents:

 Change of address documents.pdf 

 The main office must also be notified of any other changes on the blue card such as, phone number, emergency contact, parent/guardian, unauthorized pick up person.  If you plan on discharging your child from the school you must contact the main office and complete a student discharge form.